Team Building for Optimal Performance

Advancement Consulting offers executive coaching, as well as management and team-building workshops that provide options – practical, immediately useable skills to help not-for-profit and business leaders build a strong, vibrant, productive workplace that attracts, develops and retains talented employees. Balanced upon the key values of respect, honesty and accountability, the skills gained in these workshops will encourage healthy interactions among co-workers, and prove useful in all walks of life.

Managing for High Performance and Retention
Learn the skills required to influence high levels of performance.
Know the importance of hiring for talent rather than experience.
Learn how to provide the infrastructure for empowerment and delegation.
Understand what truly motivates and what you can do to increase motivation.
Know how to influence each employee’s performance based on his/her particular development level.
Know when and how to teach, counsel, assign, delegate, confront and terminate.
Learn how to write specific, behavioral performance standards.
Influencing Skills
Learn how to ask for what you need respectfully and honestly, without “beating around the bush,” or being “pushy” or “dictatorial.”
Know how to be truly specific about what you want.
Be able to recognize immediately if the person you are trying to influence is “influence-able” or not.
Understand how to get a behavioral commitment to a “Yes.”
Learn a number of options for dealing with “No.”
Confronting Without Being Confrontational
Learn how to request a behavior or behavior change honestly and directly without devaluing or hurting the other person.
Know the importance of hiring for talent rather than experience.
Develop the skills necessary to maintain respectful control during an emotional interaction.
Learn how to set a positive tone nonverbally.
Understand how to prepare for a confrontation in a manner that reduces your risk and potential conflict.
Learn three different ways to confront without creating conflict.
Effective Questions and Positive Feedback
Understand why some questions make people defensive.
Learn how to get the information you need without provoking defensiveness.
Learn how to give positive feedback in a manner that is perceived as genuine.
Know how to send clear, personalized messages.
Effective Problem Solving
Learn how to solve life problems more effectively – how to help yourself and others make the changes you desire.
Understand the stages we go through when we experience a problem.
Be able to recognize victim behavior and cut your losses.
Learn how to be helpful to another person who comes to you with a problem.
Understand how to get to the real problem quickly.
Let Advancement Consulting work with you to design a team-building workshop or series that best meets your organization’s special needs.